Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The personal & practical of the Gospel mission

Meet Marvin, Gerlin and little son Issac. They are in ministry at La Roca Church in Diriamba in the country of Nicaragua. Pastor Marvin is a friend, a brother in Christ to me, and Christian missionary to the people of Nicaragua. He is loved, respected, and deeply passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His family lives their lives on mission for Jesus daily. In my travels to this area of Nicaragua and in fact many places over the world, I have come across men and families like Marvin's that begs to ask the question; What do they stand for?

Well in short what Marvin stands for is the matchless name and fame of Jesus Christ. To be emptied within this life, and used by God for the purpose of magnifying and making much of Christ. To that end, guys like Marvin are just ordinary people serving and extraordinary God. The mission of God is to go and make disciples of Christ, and as a man saved by Jesus death, burial, and resurrection, Marvin seeks to know and make Jesus known all the time. This mission that I write about, that Marvin is on, isn't some scheme of man, but it's the heart of God to save mankind. Therefore, Marvin and his wife have personalized  the mission of the Gospel practically. So then; what makes this Gospel mission practical?

It's certainly personal for Marvin, and yet it's very practical too. Daily needs, struggles, hopes, fears, trails, successes all crying out in personal and practical ways. Not too long ago, Pastor Marvin connected with me via email, a correspondence we frequently engage in, and shared a need he had. A personal and practical need. It was transportation. Marvin knew that God's directive isn't bound in just gaining the world; yet God knows the need of His people, and the practical and personal situations they have to advance the Gospel mission. This is where the beauty of the Gospel was enlarged for Elevation Church and Pastor Marvin's family. He stated the need of transportation, and Elevation was able to meet it. This was a partnership in the Gospel mission in Nicaragua. It binds the heart of God's people all around the world. It shows in real time the evidence of John 3:16.

So what is the response toward the personal and practical side of the Gospel. It seems to be in the asking and seeking. I'm reminded of Jesus' words to his listeners from Matthew 6:33, "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." This sentence comes after Jesus encouraging His people not to be anxious. Marvin walked in the faith of Christ to seek the Lord Jesus out for His practical need, and personally engaged his faith in Christ with us at Elevation Church to step in faith and seek the kingdom of God too. The result is a mode of transportation that can be a personal blessing and a practical need to making much of Jesus. May we all see with open hearts, God's call to advance His Gospel until He comes again. Keeping the Gospel on top with you Quiroz-Gomez family. Praise the Lord!