Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Songs of Advent

May 4th 1959, is certainly someone’s birthday or special day. Yet, in the American music industry this is the birth date of the Grammys.  This was an annual gathering of music artists, critics, bands, writers, composers and more to celebrate the various artists, genres, and music that shaped the culture that calendar year.  The first winners of the Grammys were; Ella Fitzgerald & Ross Bagdasarian who won the most awards with 3 each.  Count BasieDomenico Modugno, and Henry Mancini, each won 2 awards. 

Music has always been a part of every generation and culture. It is similar in that everyone enjoys a good band or song. Yet, they are diverse in the forms, types, and contexts of music culture. You can ask anyone what their favorite song or artist is and you will likely get an answer. I for one, am a child of the 70’s, a teen of the 80’s, and a young adult of the 90’s. “One hit wonders” was what the 80’s gave to music.  Take for instance A-ha, the 1985 band from Oslo, Norway. The song “Take on Me” was a one hit wonder, selling over 7 million copies and making it one of the top selling singles of all time.

Music draws people in, it communicates a message, and it is personal to those who arrange, sing, or perform it. Songs magnify. 

This 2019 Advent season at Elevation Church we are unpacking 4 songs of advent. Arranged by the Holy Spirit, composed by God, and sung by people who magnified Jesus. They weren’t trying to make a number one hit, or sell anything. They were ordinary and supernatural in their arrangements with the Son of God coming over 2000 years ago. In fact, you can look all over the music charts and you will likely find nothing about them as ‘artists.’  However, you will see a theme of melody that magnifies the Lord. Their lives and message have been used for over two millennium to communicate the incarnation of Jesus, the Christ. These Songs of Advent have forever sung the melody of God’s grace to mankind, and that’s a song worth listening to over and over again. Come join us at Elevation.

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