Thursday, March 28, 2019


I like epic movies! Brave Heart, Gladiator, and Glory. All epic war time dramas of people facing massive difficulties, challenges, and victories. They inspire me. In many ways they draw me into a narrative that internally I find myself walking in. In fact, life can be an 'epic' journey of challenges, callings, and celebrations.

The narrative of Easter is Epic! It is full of drama, that is real to life for Jesus and his followers. Then and now. The implications of how Jesus journeyed in the epic experiences of His life has personal implications for me as a follower of Him. His entrance into the passion of His mission to save lost people. The epic events of His death are sobering; and His epic victory over death in the resurrection, sets Jesus aside from all others as the way, the truth, and the life, that God demanded and people can follow. 

I hope you will both take time this spring to investigate the Epic stories of Jesus, in the Gospel's of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Elevation Church will be spending three sermons on three parts of Jesus' life. First with his triumphant entry into Jerusalem (4/14/19). What did that mean for those then and now? Then a look at the Cross, Jesus' death, and the implications of it for people of all time (4/19/19). Finally, the resurrection; how this singular miracle of God, brings the necessary victory of God's salvation in Christ alone (4/21/19). Please take some time to listen to these Epic messages by linking to and going to the messages page.

May your Easter 2019 be...

Going there again with Jesus

In many ways our faith in Christ, is informed many times about our 'ideas' of Him. This can cause the disciple of Christ to waffle in his/her own faith of the Christ. Oswald Chambers in his devotional, gives an encouraging word about that; I hope you will take some time to read and reflect. Looking to Jesus as the author and finisher of my faith...
Isn’t There Some Misunderstanding?
"Let us go to Judea again." The disciples said to Him, "…are You going there again?"  JOHN 11:7-8
Just because I don’t understand what Jesus Christ says, I have no right to determine that He must be mistaken in what He says. That is a dangerous view, and it is never right to think that my obedience to God’s directive will bring dishonor to Jesus. The only thing that will bring dishonor is not obeying Him. To put my view of His honor ahead of what He is plainly guiding me to do is never right, even though it may come from a real desire to prevent Him from being put to an open shame. I know when the instructions have come from God because of their quiet persistence. But when I begin to weigh the pros and cons, and doubt and debate enter into my mind, I am bringing in an element that is not of God. This will only result in my concluding that His instructions to me were not right. Many of us are faithful to our ideas about Jesus Christ, but how many of us are faithful to Jesus Himself? Faithfulness to Jesus means that I must step out even when and where I can’t see anything (see Matthew 14:29). But faithfulness to my own ideas means that I first clear the way mentally. Faith, however, is not intellectual understanding; faith is a deliberate commitment to the Person of Jesus Christ, even when I can’t see the way ahead.
Are you debating whether you should take a step of faith in Jesus, or whether you should wait until you can clearly see how to do what He has asked? Simply obey Him with unrestrained joy. When He tells you something and you begin to debate, it is because you have a misunderstanding of what honors Him and what doesn’t. Are you faithful to Jesus, or faithful to your ideas about Him? Are you faithful to what He says, or are you trying to compromise His words with thoughts that never came from Him? “Whatever He says to you, do it” (John 2:5).