Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A good word about self truth vs revealed truth

There have been times I have both heard and used for myself, "this is my truth." And though I would hope to possess truth personally, I am still bound to God's revealed truth to govern, direct, inform, and inspire my life. The slippery slide of making God's truth relative to "my truth" is an age old deception from the Garden of Eden. For the deceiver (Satan) tempted Eve, and by cowardice Adam in thinking that they could relegate truth to gain better freedoms, and this was the start and continuation of a fall that has required a rescue in Christ. Praise the Lord for His rescue to all who would both believe and apply the Truth of the Gospel in life and culture. The Gospel Coalition posted a good word about this subtle truth slide. The relativism of our lives can certainly sound good to an itchy ear. Though written by a woman, and for women; the application is for all. Here you go...

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