Monday, September 28, 2015

The Implanted Word

Did you know that the country of Nicaragua has a "day of the Bible?" It's was Sunday September 27th. That's right! Like a nationally recognized day to make much of the Bible. La Roca Church in a town called Diriamba, outside of the larger city called Jinotepe has a congregation that Elevation Church is in partnership with the Gospel of Jesus Christ there in that church, and within the country.
I have the great privilege to go there this summer with a team from Elevation Church under the loving care of Ministry of Mercy; which is a Nor Cal based medical and missional ministry that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus, and helps people in the local hospital of Jinotepe. The objective for this past summer's trip to Nicaragua was to build up the church through local vacation Bible school outreaches, and serve the patients and medical staff of Jinotepe Hospital with major surgeries that otherwise they would not have been able to receive. Needless to say the whole time there was filled with adventure and amazement of God's hand.
A great delight for me was to ask the local church pastor at La Roca what Elevation could do to help minister beyond our visit. His response, "Give us God's Word." So shortly after we got back, that is just what we did. With the help of our local church at Elevation, we put together a financial package to purchase complete study Bibles for the church at La Roca. Not only did this bless the Pastor's heart, but was to be delivered on a day that the country celebrates God's Word.
It made me mindful of how important it is for every generation, tongue, and tribe have the opportunity to look into the truthful Word of God, so they can receive with meekness the implanted word that can save souls (James 1:27). This marvelous deposit is not the first, but of many made over the years that have provided the truth of Jesus to a cultures that are being set aside by God's providence to grow as disciples of Christ for His glory and unto their good.
Thank you Elevation Church for being a body of believers who enjoys looking, studying, hearing, receiving, and obeying God's word. The follower of Christ can be assured that God's Word will not return void (Luke 16:17 & Matthew 5:17). That means it will be planted into the hearts of people that will continue to make much of Jesus, till he comes again.