Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jehovah-jireh (or Yahweh will provide)

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As I continue to live out life in a state of a literal drought here in California, I can be casually faced with the issues of God's provision, and still not feel the effects of that drought. I can read or listen to the news that tells me water is low. That limitations are needed to enforce provision in the state, regions, and counties. I can even participate in helping such a need with conservation and care of water use. However, it can still be only a casual understanding of God being the provider of all things, until it becomes personal. That is what happened about a week ago. Water went out at my house. I live on a little property and have a well, and just under a week ago, the pump to my well went out. This was at first both an inconvenience and irritation. By calling a local pump and drilling company in the area, they came out to assess the need and concluded a need for a new pump and electrical system at the well house; however water would be restored within the day. Then the 'reality shoe' hit the floor, the pump was indeed needing to be replaced; but what was more pressing was the well had run dry! Needless to say, I felt anxiety from head to toe. I began to have an inward panic that my large family of 8 kids at home along with my wife and I were in a house that would shelter us, but without a resource that had to be there to sustain us. What happened next was a principle that I failed to engage in as a Christian. I didn't seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Instead for over a couple day period I put my Bible down, shelved my faith, and internally began to dig my own hole of self provision. It would soon be met with a yelling argument that hurt family and regrettably caused pain to ones I loved. Even after the church I pastor had graciously bought LOTS of drinking water for my family, I still was focused on my problematic earthly kingdom. It was in the first part of the next day when the Lord revealed his word in Matthew 5-6. His heart for me, His heart for His own. It was then I knew I needed a humble heart that was seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and "all these things" will be added unto me. It didn't take away the need of a well that had to be drilled another 140 feet deeper, and the extended time of another 3 days without water; but it did give me perspective that God is the provider. He will not fail in this, and I was given a personal issue of my need and His provision. It will cost for all the work done on getting water restored back to my home. It will be an expense I now have to figure out how to manage; yet the core principle as a Christian is that God is a provider. Perhaps not in the timing or way that I would like, but none the less the best at provision; always. "O you of little faith" Jesus says in Matthew 6:30. This is not a put down by the Lord, but an assessment of my need to see where my faith must rest. For I have a Father in Heaven who knows my needs and is able to provide in His will and timing. I have the dynamic opportunity to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to me, (Matthew 6:33). Will another "drought" or difficulty come again? Yes, and yet the word of God still rings true to trust in the Lord, to seek Him first, and to lay up treasures in heaven. That starts with looking to the King, looking to the Lord, Jesus Christ. Take some time to also watch this encouraging John Piper video concerning the same of God's Provision… and know Jehovah-jireh is the Lord of provision.
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