Saturday, October 25, 2014


A Thread to Jesus

I can’t tell you when my family name actually showed up in the US. I get mixed stories. I think it was five or six generations ago. At least that’s what I have been told. I know there are some Dutch decent and a bunch of other stuff, and in fact I think my name can be found within the state of Iowa rather easily so I have been told. I do remember once when I was on a lay over in Holland coming back to the States. I had breakfast with a friend in Amsterdam, and when I checked back into the airport thru customs the agent asked if I had come to visit relatives. I said no, just having breakfast. To which he said, you should have your last name is all over the phone book. I know family lines are important, and for some they can be traced back a long way.  It’s important to know where you came from. I have a family of my own now, and even though I can’t go deep into the history books on my last name, I know family trees are good; heritage matters for generations of families now, and into the future.
That is why the sermon series from the Old Testament story of Ruth is about redemption of a family in the past tied to the family line of Jesus; who is the great redeemer of all time. To study Ruth is to see the time capsule of characters express redemption that becomes the backdrop to the redemption of Christ. It becomes the fulfilled family tree that blossoms out into the mega narrative of God’s saving plan of Christ, the promised Messiah for mankind.
If you happen to live in the region, come by on Sunday at 10am for the Sermon Series, Redeeming Ruth; A Thread to Jesus, starting November 16th. If you are not in the area and care to listen to the series, please visit Elevation Church’s website at for sermon downloads of this series and more. Hoping you will get an understanding that you can be thread into the family line of Christ, because of His redemption at the Cross.

In Christ;

Pastor Eric