Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Good Word For Christian Empathy

Been a while since I last posted anything. Busy summer, ministry, and family time. All good and all needed. However, many things have come about in our country that require a post of significance within the fiber of culture. It is when we both understand the Gospel and apply it that we can rightly make sense of a many things.
I want to direct your attention to the Ferguson Missouri case. The confrontation between law enforcement officers, in particular that of officer Darren Wilson, one of the officers in response to a call on shooting victim Michael Brown, who was fatally shot by Wilson. This tragedy has rocked not only families, but the community of Ferguson and the nation as well. Many people have opinions and are certainly entitled to theirs; however the Christian worldview has one as well, and I think that Dr. Albert Mohler says some profound things in response to this sad event, and to the response that the Gospel can give. Link on the post and I hope you enjoy a renewed view of empathy during times like these.