Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jesus Married?

To be married is a relationship, that the Lord as blessed and sets aside as a wonderful illustration of Jesus and His church. It is certainly a complicated relationship personally and culturally. However, God is not confused and neither is the church in response to the blurred lines of so-called theologians trying to marginalize orthodox Christianity, and soften the heresy therein. The re-due from a 2012 assertion of Jesus being married is once again in media spot light and once again is in need of sound doctrine within the context of scripture and seen through the lenses of history. Take a look at this article from Dr. Albert Mohler's blog addressing the latest claim from Harvard Divinity School's professor Karen King.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Moralism is NOT the Gospel...

Dr. Albert Mohler is a recent article jumps into the middle of what many people both Christians and not, get sidelined over moralism being the Gospel. This subtile and pervasive false gospel often times traps people and pits people against one another; therefore loosing the sound truth of the Gospel that addresses sin and saves people to the Lord Jesus Christ. Take a look at this article and remember; it is the good news of Jesus for humanity that sets people free to live Christian lives that make much of Jesus.