Monday, June 11, 2012

Selfish Lovers and Servant Lovers

Tapeinophrosune is the Greek New Testament word for humility. It means "having a humble opinion of ones self, modesty, lowliness of mind, humility." Humility is God's gift in Jesus who though fully man and could sympathize with us, didn't sin at all; especially in the area of pride.
As Pastor Mark said in this past Sunday's sermon concerning Christ followers, "We are proud people pursuing humility by the Grace of God." Our very nature is one of selfishness. We see signs of it from very early on in human behavior and emotion. To be completely absent of selfishness would be absent from this life. So by the grace of God in the Gospel of Christ we who are saved and being saved can pursue humility with biblical hope and excitement.
As selfishness and pride are within our relationships, be it friends, associates and most specific to this post, marriage we have the strength, integrity, and truth of the Gospel to combat it with Biblical servanthood and humility. Our first place, position, and person to look at is Jesus. Who is our chief shepherd whose voice and life can be trusted for our good in being servant lovers and friends.
Week 9 of the Real Marriage Series ( at Elevation Chruch; ( we listened to Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church ( preach a timeless message on humility and being a servant to your spouse.Though the sermon is within the topic of marriage and certainly has illustrations and applications for that topic, it's content and context can be applied within relationships generally. So please take a listen to it here. and for additional study on the topic of gospel centered humility please check out and purchase C.J. MaHaneys book Humility: True Greatness
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Porn Path

"You don't control porn, it controls you." This coming from chapter 8 of Real Marriage book and the recent sermon preached at Elevation Church this Sunday. It was a hard word from Pastor Mark. As I reflect upon it now within this post I am thankful and mindful of the Gospel of Jesus. Without it we would be held to desiring lower pursuits of fleshly passions that would captivate our lives, and could consume them. I know many who have been freed from the bondage of porn, and yet know that this cultural mainstream sexual depravity claims many day by day. It is the powerful message of Jesus, and the hope He provides that must be the answer to the culture and sin of porn. God will and continue to save many from the industry, consumption, and sin that wants to steal, kill, and enslave all who will walk the path toward being idol worshippers of created things; rather than the Creator God who has a perfect will for his creation to follow in Christ. Take the time to watch and listen to Porn Path
Also for continued discipleship toward following Jesus and becoming a redeemed follower of Christ please get the helpful resource PornAgain by Pastor Mark Driscoll at  Please come and visit one of Elevation Churches public worship gatherings on Sundays at 9, 10:45AM and 6PM.