Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Appealing in the Gospel

Rights! This is what we all struggle with. We live in a melting pot of "rights" and for the sake of rights preservation we often times neglect to see the gospel in a Godly appeal. What is an appeal? What does it mean to our rights? Is there a difference between making a Godly appeal verses making an appeal of our rights?
In a sermon series that Elevation Church www.el-church.com, we have been going through the book of Acts; I summarized the appeal from the Apostle Paul to Festus as a Godly appeal, because it was providing new and relevant information in a humble way, while looking to Jesus throughout the process, (Acts 24:22-25:12). This appeal process is good to consider in our workplace, school place, and homes. It certainly can be a major benefit to being at peace with everyone as it depends upon you, (Romans 12:18).
When we go immediately to our "rights" of an accusation we can become set on being offensive. It might seem that we are defending ourselves, others, property, ideals, and alike; but what seems to be a defense is really a "hail mary pass" of offense for the success of our "rights."
The New Testament defines the word "appeal" as (to invoke, entitle, call upon, testify). In light of the Gospel of Jesus we are challenged to appeal in the Spirit of Christ. So how does this look? In Matthew 26:47-56, Jesus is betrayed by one of his disciples, and arrested by the religious leadership of his day. In the story, Peter, drew his sword and cut off an ear of an officer. Jesus miraculously puts it back on the man and turns to his disciples to tell them he has the "right" to appeal to God for angels to come and wipe out this betrayal, offense, and accusation. However, a greater "right" is addressed, and that is God's will in the whole process.
Appealing in the gospel is seeking to do God's will. This process is considerate of others who lack information, clarity, and details communicated humbly that make much of God's will. Therefore, a few things to consider when making appeals to others;
1. Check yourself. Ask if you are seeking vengeance, revenge, or hoping to get even?
2. Walk in the Spirit. Ask if you are being humble with others, prayerful, and in God's word over the appeal process?
3. Testifying abut the gospel. Ask if you are appealing just to take care of your "rights" or do right by way of the gospel in you?
2 Corinthians 5:20 shares with us that being a Christ follower who makes appeals will be ambassadors of reconciliation for Christ. The reason is the the follower of Jesus is reconciled before God the Father and God is making his appeal through us. In short this means we probably have fewer things to really get upset over, and can concentrate on our appeals being testimonies of the Gospel, and not more opportunities to elevate our "rights."

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Real Marriage Sermon Series

Started the first sermon in a series of 11 messages of the topic of marriage, relationships, and sex from the book of Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace. Please click the link within the post to watch the 1st sermon.
http://marshill.com/media/real-marriage/new-marriage-same-spouse Hope you will join us at Elevation on Sundays at 609 Auburn Folsom Blvd Auburn CA. Join us for worship, fellowship, and teaching, at 9am, 10:45, and 6pm. Evening gathering @6pm will be a Q&A session with Pastor Eric and his wife Lydia. For more information please contact our office at 530 886-8880