Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer Family Baptisms

The scriptures speak of a whole household being saved by Jesus and following him through believers baptism; Acts 16:32-34. What were amazing about this summer at Elevation Church are 15 people baptized within 7 families. Households turning to Jesus and publically showing the transforming work of the gospel. Kids as young as 9 to fathers in their forties. Various walks of life, knowledge of scripture, and length of time within the church with one common thread; Jesus is their Savior and Lord. He is God the Son and they didn’t want to be private about their faith in Him.

The nature of baptism is not to save you; rather it is evidence of your salvation from sin by Jesus who wants to be Lord over all your life. This was clear in the candidates who came forward this summer to be baptized at Elevation Church. It was an excited summer for our gospel minded church in the Sierra foothills above Sacramento CA. It was also a reflective time that we still have a gospel to proclaim and God’s will to serve. Thankfully, Elevation Church is focused on Jesus, and prayerfully hopes for many more lives transformed by Jesus and going public with the evidence of keeping the Gospel on top in believers’ baptism.

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