Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jesus @ the Cross

Lots of things matter to a person, but what matters to God? You matter to God. How you might ask? This and every Friday before Easter Sunday for over the last 2000 years has been evidence of why you matter to God. You see the Bible says, that God has been bringing many sons and daughters to glory. The Bible also says, that we fall short of God's glory.
What matters to God is the continuous mission of His glory. This Friday is the culmination of His glory in Jesus, who brings for you, by His death, all the glory necessary for you to be a son/daughter of glory to God. This alone makes Friday a "Good Friday." Not like any other Friday's of the year. It also makes what matters to God the most wonderful news in all the world.
Obviously you might still be a little reluctant about what I just said, but before you go ahead with bringing glory to yourself, or trying to bring God glory without Jesus; let me be tell you that all of us fall short in this attempt, and therefore we need Jesus to bridge the gap.
This weekend is very important because you matter to God. Jesus' death was a once and for all. Your separation of God's righteousness, and falling short of God's glory is dealt with by the death and resurrection of Jesus.. This death has been accomplished, and is not necessary for another "saviour" to die again; ever! You matter to God.
Not everyone will believe in this fact of faith, however, I want to let you know you matter to God this and every Good Friday for the rest of your life. I hope you will feel, know, and respond to the only successful attempt of bringing many sons and daughters to glory.