Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Man Up

Man Up is what we are calling it; however, what really matters is not another inspiration speech before the "big game" but an honest look at how men are doing in the areas of being accountable one to another, behaving with Biblical integrity, and committing their lives to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It does not happen all at once in a morning breakfast, teaching series, and song singing. What does happen is the Holy Spirit of God gets a hold of a man's heart to reform it for God's glory.
You see the Bible says we fall short of His glory and Man Up is about being reminded in Jesus that He brings many sons to Glory. In a season that has seen dudes fall because of sin, Elevation and it's Pastors are calling men to Man Up.
Join us on April 16th at 8am. For more information you can contact our office by going to Elevation's website @ el-church.com and clicking on the 'Elevation Church' page.