Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Got Jesus

I know this may be splitting hairs, but I saw a bummer sticker on a pick up truck this morning that said "got Jesus?" I know what the person was seeking with the bummer sticker. It was motorized evangelism. Don't have a ton of issues over that, but it got me thinking in another direction. Can I get Jesus? I mean can I possess Jesus like I got a cold or flu. Better yet, can I looses what I get in Jesus? If I am the one who got Jesus, does it mean I can drop Jesus? I think the sticker was trying to spin off the "got milk?" campaign that was a while ago, and certainly is nothing new to Christian's using culture to capture attention for Christ. It just got me thinking about the "got" part of the sticker. I think the question should be asked a little differently. "Does Jesus have you?" I think this holds a right perspective to the sovereign nature and calling of God in Jesus. It means that when Jesus has you, he does not leave or forsake you. It means He has the strong hand that holds onto you. I'm weak and often unable to get Jesus. I think God's strength is not lost when you flip the position of this question around of who chooses who. If God is the one getting, than he will also be the one drawing people into His strong and sure hand. If it is me, then I am liable to loosen the grip due to my human and sinful nature. I know by now that some of you are thinking I ought to stop thinking so much about innocent bummer stickers, or at best keep my eyes on the road. Rest assured I do, it was just a thought I had about a simple "got Jesus" bummer sticker. I think when effort is expressed in relation to Jesus I can only react in faith to the tremendous love of His grace and know that Jesus is the one who got me. "So then it depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy." Romans 9:16.