Friday, February 12, 2010

The Miricle of Provision

Often I have read the story of Jesus turning loaves and fishes into enough food to feed thousands. It has gripped me that while Jesus was teaching, healing, and proclaiming the truth of God, that he did not neglect the basic needs of others. I read it and often I have doubted that simple provision in my own life.

Times are hard, no doubt. My family feels it and sees it in the lack of food in the fridge, but yet we still hope in God to come through to champion His heart into ours. This miracle of provision came tonight. As we were having family friends by for a humble potato soup and salad dinner. I get a text message from a Christ friend from Elevation Church who asks if it is OK to drop off something.

That drop was a van full of food. I mean a extra large portion of provision. Not a left over of some cold pizza, but fresh vegetables, canned goods to last for well over a month, and meats that would make a small deli blush. Seriously, when you look into the stories of God's word (the Bible) you might find yourself thinking they are far removed events of time past, and then all the sudden you get a real life, present day provision of God's story being written. I am humbled to the core about the amazing miracle of God's provision, especially within this church and it's people. As the song goes that is sung in many churches would say, "I stand in AWE of you."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Meet Memfis

She is a high school girl. Like many girls these days, she struggles with identity issues. As long as I have known Memfis she has been a soul who carries heavy burdens. However, within the last several months she has turned a corner of in her life. Her countenance does not seem down and her burdens are light. Elevation had the privilege of witnessing her public baptism on January 31st of this year. Before she was baptized she testified to the battles she has had with beauty and self worth. She didn't seem special in her eyes and the world must have thought the same. Yet the gospel had reached her heart and revealed a new truth about how God sees her and how beautiful she is...continue to read...Meet Memfis