Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God and Dog

As usual I was minding my own business; well, maybe not completely. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a mid-twenty something car full of adults passing me on highway 49 in my nor cal region. On the car was a bummer sticker that said DOG. I knew what this was all about; and so I pondered what DOG had to do with GOD. The first thing that came to mind was loyal. God is loyal. The second was comforting, and God is certainly that too. The third was a picture of an old Rhodesian Ridgeback that my family had owed a couple years back, and the fear that dog could strike in the hearts of men, who for no other reason were careless to stumble upon the protective nature of this awe inspiriting lion killing dog. I thought, was this the type of dog they thought about or more like the sissy Yorkie dog that could be controlled and walked on? If God is to the lost a dog, look out for the bite that comes when they find out God is much bigger than a play on His name.