Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Being sappy

Sap in a Christian is the illustrative comparison to having the indwelling of the Spirit of God. The brief audio clip from the devotion called morning and evening that I posted on my twitter gives great encouragement for being sappy. Enjoy! 


Friday, August 4, 2017

Changed lives for God's Glory @ Elevation Church 2017. Seeing God's hand at work in the body at Elevation has been wonderful. Our baptism service at the pond was nothing short of God's glory on display for all to see. Keep these new disciples in prayer and keep proclaiming Jesus' name! Check the link to see video: http://el-church.com/ make sure you scroll toward the bottom of the page!

“Cling to the cross” by Charles Spurgeon

“We owe all to Jesus crucified. What is your life, my brethren, but the cross? Whence comes the bread of your soul but from the cross? What is your joy but the cross? What is your delight, what is your heaven, but the Blessed One, once crucified for you, who ever lives to make intercession for you?
Cling to the cross, then. Put both arms around it! Hold to the Crucified, and never let Him go. Come afresh to the cross at this moment, and rest there now and forever! Then, with the power of God resting upon you, go forth and preach the cross! Tell out the story of the bleeding Lamb.
Repeat the wondrous tale, and nothing else. Only proclaim that Jesus died for sinners. The cross held up by a babe’s hand is just as powerful as if a giant held it up. The power lies in the Word itself, or rather in the Holy Spirit who works by it and with it…
Believe in Christ crucified and preach boldly in His name, and you shall see great and gladsome things. His reward shall parallel His sorrows. Let no man’s heart fail him! Christ has died! Atonement is complete! God is satisfied! Peace is proclaimed!
Heaven glitters with proofs of mercy already bestowed upon ten thousand times ten thousand! Hell is trembling, heaven adoring, earth waiting. Advance, ye saints, to certain victory! You shall overcome through the blood of the Lamb.”
–Charles H. Spurgeon

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Secular Grace vs God's Grace About Being Thankful

As many of your know, I enjoy Dr. Albert Molher. His timely, educated, and cultural assessments bring me insight and inspiration. Take a listen to his 2016 Thanksgiving address. What you need to see is the difference between being thankful in and of ourselves verse being thankful to the Lord who oversees, ordains, and organizes the hearts of mankind to be genuinely thankful. Romans chapter one is a highlight, and I would encourage you to read the whole chapter as reflection to his address. Happy Thanksgiving and thankful for the Lord is good!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A good word about self truth vs revealed truth

There have been times I have both heard and used for myself, "this is my truth." And though I would hope to possess truth personally, I am still bound to God's revealed truth to govern, direct, inform, and inspire my life. The slippery slide of making God's truth relative to "my truth" is an age old deception from the Garden of Eden. For the deceiver (Satan) tempted Eve, and by cowardice Adam in thinking that they could relegate truth to gain better freedoms, and this was the start and continuation of a fall that has required a rescue in Christ. Praise the Lord for His rescue to all who would both believe and apply the Truth of the Gospel in life and culture. The Gospel Coalition posted a good word about this subtle truth slide. The relativism of our lives can certainly sound good to an itchy ear. Though written by a woman, and for women; the application is for all. Here you go... https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/article/the-most-revolutionary-thing-a-woman-can-do

Monday, October 31, 2016

Principles of Voting

So, I am not prone to use a pulpit to populate political agendas. However, the democratic process of the USA in regards to voting has implications for citizens, principalities, and powers all over the country. In this being a national election for federal propositions and powers of office like the presidency I thought it good to repost a article from R.C. Sproul Principles for Voting, written back in September of 2012. They are sound for Christians to consider, and helpful to keep our hearts turned toward the Lord in response of voting. Simply click the link and enjoy. And if you plan to vote, remember the date is November 8th.
See you at the poles. http://www.ligonier.org/blog/principles-for-voting/

Monday, September 28, 2015

The Implanted Word

Did you know that the country of Nicaragua has a "day of the Bible?" It's was Sunday September 27th. That's right! Like a nationally recognized day to make much of the Bible. La Roca Church in a town called Diriamba, outside of the larger city called Jinotepe has a congregation that Elevation Church is in partnership with the Gospel of Jesus Christ there in that church, and within the country.
I have the great privilege to go there this summer with a team from Elevation Church under the loving care of Ministry of Mercy; which is a Nor Cal based medical and missional ministry that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus, and helps people in the local hospital of Jinotepe. The objective for this past summer's trip to Nicaragua was to build up the church through local vacation Bible school outreaches, and serve the patients and medical staff of Jinotepe Hospital with major surgeries that otherwise they would not have been able to receive. Needless to say the whole time there was filled with adventure and amazement of God's hand.
A great delight for me was to ask the local church pastor at La Roca what Elevation could do to help minister beyond our visit. His response, "Give us God's Word." So shortly after we got back, that is just what we did. With the help of our local church at Elevation, we put together a financial package to purchase complete study Bibles for the church at La Roca. Not only did this bless the Pastor's heart, but was to be delivered on a day that the country celebrates God's Word.
It made me mindful of how important it is for every generation, tongue, and tribe have the opportunity to look into the truthful Word of God, so they can receive with meekness the implanted word that can save souls (James 1:27). This marvelous deposit is not the first, but of many made over the years that have provided the truth of Jesus to a cultures that are being set aside by God's providence to grow as disciples of Christ for His glory and unto their good.
Thank you Elevation Church for being a body of believers who enjoys looking, studying, hearing, receiving, and obeying God's word. The follower of Christ can be assured that God's Word will not return void (Luke 16:17 & Matthew 5:17). That means it will be planted into the hearts of people that will continue to make much of Jesus, till he comes again.